7 Reasons to Drink Wine in the Spring

The snow is finally melting. I believe I heard birds chirping, twittering and (verb) to each other in hushed tones, “is it finally over??” Are we finally going to move past this insane, crazy, rona of a year?

If you’re like me, you’ve taken this past year as a personal challenge to invest in yourself and really expand your wine palette. We drank a lot of wine, okay?

There’s something in the air now… the smell not only of green grass & leaves emerging after the winter. There’s a distinct smell of hopeful gatherings. Maybe picnics are okay again? Maybe this year our summer can be spent outdoors instead of sheltered in place? 

All this to say, here are 7 reasons why spring is the perfect time to drink more wine:

#1: St. Patrick’s Day

#2: Easter

#3: Graduations/Weddings/Baby Showers

#4: Highland Manor Wine Club sends out its first shipment of wine this spring!

#5: No one will judge you for popping a bottle at lunchtime. It’s picnic season!

#6: You spent all that work on your patio this last year – it needs to be used. 

#7: Charcuterie boards are officially “in” and you need to be hip with the times. If you don’t add wine are you even trying??